Mojito Muddler Advantages
Mojito Muddler Comparison

Traditional Style Fits your Hand Perfectly!
100% Bamboo Is Anti Bacterial & Strong!
Will Not Taint Your Herbs Or Fruit Like Stainless Steel Or Plastic Muddlers
Will Not Shred, Flake, Or Leach Oils Like Cheap Wood Muddlers!
Will Not Break Or Fill With Brackish Water
Engraved With "Mojito Muddler" For Authenticy
28cm Long Means No Bruised Knuckles When Using Tall Glasses Or Pitchers

mojito drink muddler

Introducing The Mojito Muddler™

  • Imagine holding this cocktail muddler bar tool, specially designed to fit your hand perfectly, and effortlessly muddling mint for your mojito or fruit for your favorite cocktail or non-alcoholic creation. The Mojito Muddler bar tool is an indispensable part of your bar drink accessories and is perfect for parties! Makes every "boat drink" perfect (hey Parrotheads and Jimmy Buffet fans!). Whether you're using Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Mount Gay, or muddling non-alcoholic fruit drinks, your friends will be impressed!

  • This new, custom-designed, 100% bamboo wood muddler combines traditional styling of the past with modern technology of today. It will not shred, is NATURALLY ANTI-BACTERIAL, and is one of the strongest yet lightest materials around ... 16% stronger than Maple, 33% lighter than Oak.

  • The Mojito Muddler's natural carbonized finish will not flake off like varnish or stain, and will not leach oils into your drink. Unlike stainless steel or plastic muddlers, it will not taint your herbs or fruit.
  • The Mojito Muddler is 11 inches long (most stainless steel and plastic muddlers are only 8-9 inches long!), you can use it in tall glasses and pitchers without bruising your fingers on the rim.

  • Boat Drink Bay's new Mojito Muddler has already gained the attention of the world's finest bartenders, and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News and other national media.

  • A portion of every Mojito Muddler bar tools muddler sale supports the Wounded Warrior Project® which serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound co-incident to their military service. We are proud to support such a honorable charity for the men and women who have served us so well.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We are a small, family-owned business and want you to be TOTALLY SATISFIED or we'll give you your money back. Plus our LIFETIME WARRANTY protects you always.

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Over 200 Five Star Reviews For The Mojito Muddler

  • "This muddler is perfect! I love that it is longer than my other muddlers as I was bruising my knuckles on our glasses. I also love that it is bamboo! Easy to clean and looks cool too. Additionally, I love this company's approach to customer service. We need more companies with this approach to satisfying customers."
  • "Lovin' the muddler!"
  • "I really LOVE this muddler. Been using it daily to muddle fresh fruit and herbs for my infused waters, hot and iced teas, and of course, the occasional cocktail. Fast and easy way to muddle herbs for sauces, soups, etc... too! I like the fact it is made from sustainable bamboo which is much more sturdy and less porous than wood. Was using my stone pestle and mortar but the extra length makes muddling a lot faster and easier and can be used in a pitcher. Glad I went for the extra $$$ to buy a quality product that should last a lifetime. A wonderful gift idea and a must-have in any kitchen/bar."
  • "I love my Mojito Muddler. It does the job with ease and keeps my fingers out of the way."
  • "I have received the Muddler and just on initial evaluation I am very pleased with the product. It appears to be very well made and I enjoy the size and weight of it. I am a professional bartender. And this muddler just made my tool bag. Thank you for your excellent product and your personal touch with customer service. Have a great day!"
  • "I received it as a gift. A perfect gift and well made."
  • "Excellent product, solid, well made, great balance, just the right length & diameter, no varnish or other finish to peel & flake." (Bar Owner)
  • "This Mojito Muddler is true craftsmanship and quality. It is long enough that your hand doesn't hit the glass. It is strong bamboo and durable. It actually is a work of art. The other fantastic thing about this muddler is the company, Marco Trader, that stands by their product. Their commitment to their customer is unparalleled. I had a wonderful interaction with this firm. You don't have to worry at all about this product or the company that stands behind it. Well done!"
  • "Great quality, a beautiful piece! Wish I could keep it but it is a gift for a school auction. Will treat myself to one one day!"
  • "I own bar and this Mojito Muddler gets used almost every day. So far it performs wonderful. Once you make one Mojito and the smell of mint fills the air several other customers want one and we run out mint most the time. Mint is kind of hard to find at times in rural Alaska but when I find it I buy all they have and the Mojito party is on. I highly recommend this bamboo Mojito Muddler, it works well and is easy to clean."
  • "I'm a bartender and i love this muddler. I've been using it for about a month in a very busy restaurant with much success. I'm buying a second to keep at the restaurant because all of my fellow bartenders insist on using it for their muddled drinks. Buy one or buy two."


  • "Love, Love, love this muddler! Perfect for making my favorite beverages. Very happy with the purchase and love the company who sells it! Great follow up from the seller making sure I was satisfied."
  • "Simply stated, I love it"
  • "Love this mojito muddler; finally I was able to find one long enough (to fit shakers, which are deeper than drink glasses) and one of good quality to replace my old one I got years ago in UK and "wore out". This muddler has a good weight, is comfortable to hold in the hand (important for me, professional bartender); the wood is smooth and therefore easy to clean. Highly recommend it for home or professional bartending."
  • "Excellent product. Definitely worth the cost. Should last for a very long time."
  • "Great product, but even greater company! I received an email from the owner and we corresponded back and forth with him just checking to make sure we were happy with it! I appreciate a good product but I really appreciate a caring company!"
  • "I just made my first mojito for a customer with this muddle. It is truly a muddle for the professional bartender. This size and ergonomics of the shape make it perfect for a nice gentle but firm technique. Definitely not just for mojitos. Very versatile dimensions for muddling in different volume containers. Customer service is top-flight."